Washing your hosiery is now recommended by doctors! Undoubtedly wrapping your body in synthetic, tight fitting knitted yarns will cause the transfer of body moisture, skin cells and more. Letting the stockings or tights your wore all day yesterday feaster in your warm and snuggly hosiery draw provides a heavenly nest for nasty bacteria to multiple, spread and become entwined in your hosiery.

As you can imagine, the consequences of then putting this clothing on again to repeat the process isn’t healthy or fun for anyone but that pesky bacteria and, according to Dr Radhika Rible’s recent report, can result in UTI’s, yeast infections, Athlete’s foot and body acne.

It’s something many tights wearers will be well aware of but even if you are already a one-wear-women you might think that washing your hosiery so much could cause it distress. 

How to wash your tights


Multipack tights are great if you wear tights everyday and are often the most cost effective way to buy hosiery.Chuck your pair in the wash at the end of each day and have a fresh pair to pop on in the morning – get 6 pairs so that you’ve got no mid week laundry pressure and one spare for the weekend or incase you have a ladder related incident.

For sheers try Charnos 24/7 range. Their 15 denier tights come in a handy 3 pair pack and are a must if your job requires sheer hosiery around the clock. For opaques give Gipsy 40 Denier 2 pair pack or Charnos 40 Denier 2 pair pack a go. Lighter than black out opaques you may find these more breathable than heavier opaques – great for healthy hosiery!

Multipack tights


Whilst cheap tights have an appealing price, regular wear and washing may mean you’ll end up needing to replace them much sooner. One good pair could be as cost effective as 5 average quality pieces. If you wear tights everyday then it’s worth the investment.  For opaque’s try Levante and Wolford for lovely quality, comfortable wear and hosiery that will wash well time and time again. Falke’s sheer tights – Seidenglatt for shine and Shelina


If like any fashionista you’ve got an eclectic range of boots, skirts and accessories think carefully which tights will be placed with which pieces. Boots can rub on hosiery to create a noticeable mark – if you then wear the same pair with your prettiest pumps. They’ll also suffer more around the feet so might look scrappy with your Christmas party heels. Remember to think what’s going to be comfortable as constant rearranging and fiddling with your hosiery can end in tears, nicks or complete destruction before you even reach the washing machine!


If you’ve got the time (and patience) hand washing is always going to be best for your delicate hosiery. Use a gentle, lightly scented washing lotion – the yarns will capture the scent very easily.


You can pick these up quite easily online, just bung everything in, fasten and include in your usual wash. They are also great for delicate underwear or for keeping all your delicates together when travelling.


Open gusset tights are even more popular than ever with a great range of styles and designs now available. Miss Naughty have recently introduced a 1000 denier Opaque pair, perfect for winter whilst Glamory’s Ouvert Sheer style go up to size 5XL. Miss O’s Lace Top Crotchless Pantyhose are beautifully feminine favourite. See the whole range in store.

Miss Naughty Tights