Stockings Look

Did you know that 89% of people surveryed by Womens Health said that having special sets or outfits made them feel more sexually confident?

Stockings and suspender belts have long been the traditional look for a sultry, romantic outfit to seduce that special someone. 

Despite declining sales figures for stockings in the latter part of the last century, in the 00’s and early 2010’s a resurgence of vintage style and the popularity of burlesque gave way for a boost in popularity.

However, as we move into this new decade where buzzwords include body confidence, female empowerment and fashion sustainability, it can be hard to achieve a balance. Whilst what we wear as women does not determine what we want, specify who we are or determine what we are capable of – it can influence how we feel.

So in this new ear of power dressing and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’re asking How To Feel Sexy In 2020.

A topic of debate in The Tight Spot office for a while, we’ve come to the conclusion that the piece of hosiery that can make you feel at your most alluring is a sheer or lace bodysuit.

Bodies are super easy to wear, ultra-flattering and are endlessly versatile so can be slipped into your day to day wardrobe as well as used as a seductive bedroom or date night piece. A sustainable piece of bedroom lingerie that you’ll love to wear again and again. Match with hold ups or tights for an indulgent boudoir look.

Implicite Bodywear Miss Naughty Sheer Body Pierre Mantoux Bodysuit



In addition, with many plus size options available in both bodysuits and stay ups, featuring extra thigh width for curvy legs and ample thighs, this look can feel great and comfortable no matter the dress size or body shape.

The best thing about bodysuits, is that they are hugely adaptable! For a day or evening outfit you can repurpose your bodysuit as a layering piece under blazers, dresses or knitwear. Wear casual jeans with a lacy bodysuit under a chunky cardigan for a stylish brunch look or put a long-sleeved sheer bodysuit with tights under a summer dress to get a few months more wear out of your favourite pieces. Hit up girl’s night with a sheer bodysuit, leather look Commando leggings and spike heeled pumps. Plus if the bodysuit has featured in a romantic evening with your partner, re-wearing the piece in a different context on your next outing could be a fun, teasing look! 

The possibilities are endless and will mean this Valentine’s (or general date night) purchase won’t end up sitting unused in your drawer for years to come, or worse – go straight to landfill after one wear. We've gathered some of our favourite styling looks below for inspiration.

Bodysuit Styling Ideas