Heading back into the office and need to revamp your workwear? Tights are a part of your lingerie drawer that might not be getting the love they deserve and can give the wow factor to any outfit.

It’s easy to think all tights are like the thick black tights you wore to school or a simple sheer nylon. If this sounds like you, we have something that might change your mind..Seamed Tights

Seamed tights are the perfect way to experiment with fashion tights without going too far out of your comfort zone in the office. Seamed tights come in a range of styles – from simple nudes to all your favourite prints.  We’re sharing the best seamed tights to wear to work this year.


  1. Silky Fishnet Backseamed Tights

fishnet back seamed tights

These vintage style silky fishnet seamed tights from Silky Hosiery gives you the classic back seamed look featuring a fine seam that runs along the back of the leg. At £4.95 you can look sensational at work without breaking the bank.


  1. Pretty Polly Nylons Gloss Backseamed Tights

Pretty Polly gloss backseamed tights

Give your legs a glossy finish with these nylon back seamed tights by Pretty Polly. They’re an everyday work essential that can wear every season.


  1. Pamela Mann Seamed Dotty Tights

Pamela Mann seamed dotty


Who say's workwear has to be boring? Heads will turn with these vintage-inspired polka dot seamed tights from Pamela Mann...also available in seamed stockings


  1. Pamela Mann Jive Seam Tights Curve

dotty seamed tights


Chafing can be annoying if sitting at a desk all day. Not with these effortlessly chic and size-inclusive seamed tights from Pamela Mann. With their built-in boxer briefs and comfortable waistband these tights feel like shapewear and absolutely perfect as an everyday workwear staple.


  1. Fiore Unique 20 Seamed Tights

fiore seamed tights


Your workwear wardrobe doesnt need to be all black, grey or navy.  Be the lady in red with these contrasting seamed tights. They’re the perfect match for scarlet red stilettoes and an easy way to add a pop of colour to your office outfit.

We hope we've convinced you that seamed tights definitely deserve a spot in your wardrobe this year and can spice up your workwear.

The Tight Spot’s seamed stockings collection page is a also a must visit with if you love seductive and retro styles.  If you are looking for more riskque seamed tights you will love our crotchless seamed tights