Marketing TTS

  1. How To Wear and Style Tights

    Have you ever wondered how you can make your outfit look funkier or work attire look smarter?

    Well, stop wondering, you need tights!

    Tights are no doubt practical and attractive and can make anyone look unique and chic in any setting. But pairing them with different outfit ideas

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  2. How To Wash Tights To Make Them Last Longer

    On average, around 8 billion tights are manufactured and thrown away each year after one use. Not only does this large amount of tights take up lots of space in landfills and waterways, causing pollution, but it can be costly too.

    If you own a pair of tights, you can play your part to

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  3. Tips For Re-Using Your Old Tights

    Whether your old tights and pantyhose are laddered, snagged or have a small hole, rather than throw them away to landfill, here are some top tips to reuse them. 


    1. Home Fresheners

    Whether it is your sock drawer, back of the wardrobe or any closet, cut off

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